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Here is my story. While pregnant with my son in Sept 2017, I developed HELP syndrome. Christopher was delivered at 27 weeks and he wasn’t strong enough for the surgery that he needed. While on medical leave, I started watching my sponsor sell this beautiful, affordable jewelry. It took some convincing but I decided to join in November of 2017. Little did I know that this is just what I needed to keep me busy and bring purpose back into my life. The jewelry made me feel beautiful but making others feel confident was even better. This is still one of the main reasons I continue. I love to see the smiles on others’ faces as they put on that piece of jewelry to complete their outfit! I now have a team of over 130 women. I love to see the confidence they gain in themselves during this journey. Now I am able to stay at home with our children, Caroline and Colton. I love being able to watch them grow every single day. If you want to change your life like I did mine, send me a message and we will chat. This didn’t happen overnight and took lots of consistency and hard work. However, it is so worth it! And YOU are worth it!

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